Muhammadiyah Is an Islamic Da’wah

The second characteristic of Muhammadiyah movement is known as the Islamic da’wah movement. The characteristic has been existing since it was established and it still sticks as Muhammadiyah identity. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the major factor of Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah establishment comes from the deep thought of KHA Dahlan in Qur’anic verses, especially Surah Ali Imran, article:104. The verse underlies the khittah or the basic strategies of Muhammadiyah struggle which are Islamic dakwah, invitation to conduct good deeds and abandon the bad ones with society as the media of its struggle. Muhammadiyah plays its role in Indonesian community by building various kinds of businesses that can really touch the lives of many people, such as various kinds of educational institutions starting from kindergartens up to universities, building many hospitals, orphanages, and so on. All of the businesses are the forms/manifestations of Islamic dakwah. They are done with one single objective, that is, to make them as the facilities and the media of Islamic dakwah.